Negativity- has serious consequences!

Gurdjieff once said that what makes the world go round is negative emotions. The world is awash with them. The easiest thing is to be negative. Negativity is very contagious. We heard it all around us as we grew up. Our parents and others in our environment were finding fault, if not with us then with each other, neighbors, or the world. When we are identified with a problem or a situation, we turn negative. We worry about it. We are overcome by our difficulties. When we are negative, we have a poison in our psychological bodies that poisons all our thoughts and our relationships. Being negative also creates tension in our bodies and causes illness. The continuously hostile person is more likely to have heart attacks and other health problems than one who isn’t hostile. What could be more negative than being continually hostile and angry all the time?

If you find yourself complaining and getting angry all of the time – its time to put a stop! It could be costing your health.

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