Just laugh it off!

Some, not many, wake up in the morning with a smile.  Most of us, I fear, are in a bad humor before breakfast.  It is a pleasant habit, and a profitable one, to begin everyday with a laugh and a bit of fun.  It starts the day well, and it helps to make a happy home.

Let me narrate a story.

There was this highly successful businessman who had achieved everything in life, all planning and meticulous in his approach to life.  Just the ideal life any body would have like to have.

One fine morning when he woke up, he found to his utter dismay that his slippers were missing from under his bed.  It had never happened before, which made him wild and seething with anger, he started shouting for someone to get him his slippers.  There was no response.  He found that the slippers were moved out of the room by his puppy dog.  He was wild at his son, who had pestered him and insisted that the dog be brought home. 

In the same fit of anger, he moved into the bath, started shaving, hands moving fast over his cheeks (anger, anger).  What happened was he cut his chin, with blood oozing out, he applied the after shave, which started burning his whole face (anger… anger).  He threw the razor and rushed out of his bath, put on his dress to find that his handkerchief was not washed and kept ready.  He started shouting at his wife to whom he was married for over 25 years.  In the same mood, he walked out to the dining area for his breakfast, shouting all the while about how he had a bad start to the day.  His wife in the meanwhile was hurriedly bringing the milk and bread and spilt the same on him.  Can you imagine how wild this man was, he saw his young son playing on the floor, he slapped him carrying forward his anger and rushed out into his car.

He drove very fast, (anger… anger); abused everyone on the road and on the way met with an accident, which hospitalized him for over 3 months.

What transpired was he fell in love with the nurse, divorced his loving wife and got later into a libel suit filed both by his wife as well as the nurse.  Lost all his money, became a mental wreck.

Where did it all start? – Missing slippers? OR

His response?

If only he would have laughed of the situation and kept it lighter, he wouldn’t have been in a mess like this.

How many of us go through such situation, where we start the day with anger and find that the whole day is in a mess?

Who do you think is reponsible?

Laugh away the small irritants in life – you will avoid the bigger and larger pitfalls.

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