Ideas and Concepts Which Cause Stress In People

In today’s digital age ‘Stress’ has been at the root of many lifestyle diseases and a cause of depression in people. The constant bombardment of certain ideas and concepts which are supposedly an indicator of you leading a good life is a primary contributor in enhanced stress levels. You might find some of my views bordering on the preposterous, but I choose to let loose. Most from the following list contradict or shall I say conflict with the basic human tendency or instinct of survival. These contradictions are the one’s I found lead to stress. They are good to talk about in motivational workshops and lectures and books, however is possible only once you have reached the stage of self-actualization as in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Let me list a few;

1. Follow your passion – What is that?
2. Do what you love – Yeah! I love to idle but for sure I’m going to get screwed if I do 🙂
3. Have life goals – I’m struggling to have a life and you talk about goals!
4. Think positive – Don’t want to hear that when I’m down in the dump and trying to cope
5. Just let go – Let me let go of your nonsense 🙂
6. Keep smiling – Do you smile when you are down and hurt?
7. Be creative – All what I do is create –  I wouldn’t like to go by your definition
8. Take initiative – The last time I took an initiative I was S*****d
9. Build consciousness – Please explain, I’ve lost my consciousness in the process
10. Do you have fitness goals? – My grand dad lived 90 years without having one
11. Watch what you eat – I prefer tasting and relishing what I eat
12. Mind your carbs – I’m stressed searching for a low carb diet
13 . Mind your calories – I ended up buying expensive tech. to keep track and still paying for it
14. Be normal – Basically you are telling me to be as you want me to be.  I’m sick doing that all my life
15. Be aware – I think I’m able to get back home safely without losing my way
16. Work SMART – Nice way of telling me to work my b**t off 🙂
17. 100 places to visit before you die – Yeah sure! why don’t you buy me the tickets
18. 20 books you must read in your lifetime – Are you saying the rest can be put in the bin?

All I’m saying is – don’t stress out trying to conform to how others define great life to be.  We all are perfectly capable of working to meet our needs from time to time; have come this far without all the shit being dished out and will do well without it as well.


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