I am the Witness! – Short Story

This story is in continuation to my last poem “Who Am I?”

I was walking through the local supermarket the other day when I saw a grandfather walking around with his 2 year old grandson. It was obvious that the grandpa wasn’t having an easy time of it, with the cacophony of his cherished grandson  scaling upwards every time candy or toys came into view.

The grandfather, however, kept his cool, and intoned softly to the child: “Rama relax, it won’t take long.”

When the screaming didn’t stop, the grandpa continued: ” Rama, there’s no reason to get angry, try to enjoy this walk and in a minute we’ll be on the way home, I promise.”

When I came out of the store I saw them in the parking lot, the child screaming and the older man still talking softly and quietly to him. I couldn’t help myself. I walked over to him.

“Sir,” I said, “I have to say you are an amazing grandfather. The way you talk to the boy and keep your calm despite all of this screaming – Rama sure is a lucky to have a grandfather like you.”

“Thanks,” said the grandfather, “but I’m Rama. This little devil’s name is Krishna.”

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