Up to 70 odd percent of people make new year’s resolutions to improve their lives. Some of the most common goals for people are fitness, diet and nutrition, quitting the smoking habit, and finances. A vast majority of people claim they are doing well with these resolutions – but how successful are you?

Even after a month, about 80 percent of people still say they are on track. Very few people can confidently say they succeeded in changing. It may be difficult, but it can be done. You need to know what to do and the right methods.

Changing people’s behavior is probably one of the most difficult and complex tasks that organizational leaders face the world over. Think about yourself. When was the last time you tried to change a behavior? What was it that you were wanting to change? Was it a big change or a simple one? Now be honest – were you successful?

Change management

If changing one’s own behavior is so difficult, imagine how challenging it will be to help change others’ behaviors. If you believe that it can be done, then you must look at the limitations of the tools and techniques you are using to bring about the change. Are they good enough?

The problem most organizational leaders encounter is despite providing the best resources and environment and spending big bucks on training people, they seldom change. It is just so frustrating. The question one needs to ask is whether you are willing to invest in the follow-through.

Any change requires consistent follow-up and support and cannot be achieved with a one-time pill of training or a shot of reward and recognition. If it has to be a sustainable change then you need someone who can effectively help support the follow-through efforts. A coach can play this role effectively.

A Rafael Nadal or a Roger Federer or for that matter Novak Djokovic would not have turned into great players and legends of the game without the support and guidance of a coach.

Imagine if they had just attended one or two programs on how to serve, volley, return, or rally – would they have become who they are today? probably yes, but that would have been lucky and you wouldn’t want to leave your life and business on lady luck, do you?

From my observation and conversation that I had with people who want to go the fitness route as to what stops them from hiring a personal coach, most are evasive in their answers or give excuses like they are expensive; they have not yet found a great coach, time does not permit and that remains endless.

Have you ever thought, that maybe it could be the FEAR that you would actually CHANGE?
Or you would be forced to?

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