Would you like to play ‘God’?  Why not start with someone you love?

Why not play ‘God’ to people who you really want to help?

My prayer is my conversation with ‘God’ in which I derive the maximum comfort as well as maximum strength.  It’s cause the so called ‘God’ is an entity who;

  1. Listens to me without filters
  2. Doesn’t judge me
  3. Doesn’t react to my angry outbursts
  4. I can complain to without being interrupted
  5. ben-white-ReEqHw2GyeI-unsplashWill not ridicule me for crying
  6. Will not label me
  7. Has infinite patience
  8. Does not punish or reprimand me for what I say
  9. Allows me to be just me
  10. Leaves me to make my choices

It’s now a cliché’ when you hear statements like “God help those who help themselves”  How true?

Come to think of it, this statement has deep meaning.  How does God help you?  ‘It’ (I am using ‘it’ to describe this entity as I do not for sure know ‘its’ gender) helps you by following the 10 commandments above.  In fact ‘God’ is a master facilitator.  Without being prescriptive ‘it’ guides you to make your own choices and therefore builds greater ownership and accountability.  It’s that which helps us gain clarity and succeed in life.

You can play ‘God’ to someone you love or who you work with  and help facilitate their growth by being ‘it’ and sticking to the 10 commandments of godliness which I’ve learnt from my years of prayer practice and meditation.

I’ve observed that most interpersonal relationship problems occur because we are not able to bring out the ‘God’ in us.  We either become judgmental, reactive, prescriptive, violent and start to make choices for others which kills the relationship.  Instead we can all practice these 10 behaviors.

Would you like to play ‘God’?  Why not start with someone you love?

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