The need for “Intellectual Attunement”

You can derive maximum pleasure and satisfaction from your actions, only when you have complete knowledge of what you are doing. Any action produces an outcome, however, actions which are not backed up by knowledge, may at most surprise you than allow you to take maximum advantage of it.

That is precisely the reason why you find so many people attenAttunementding ‘Yoga classes” and “Shivirs” of great masters, trying to ape and repeat whatever is demonstrated, yet not getting any fitter.

Similarly, a weapon can be dangerous in your hands, if you do not know its functionality and intricate details. You may end up shooting yourself in the foot.

There is a need for being “Intellectually attuned” to your actions, else all efforts will be futile and not provide you with inner peace and satisfaction.

Sree Kumar Palakkal

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