The Choice I Made!


How was your trip to office?
Oh! I hate this city and the damned traffic!

How is winter?
Oh! It’s freezing and I could turn to ice!

How is summer?
It’s so hot, feels like I am burning in hell!

How is monsoon?
I’m so drenched that I might catch a cold!

How was school?
It’s the teachers who made me hate school!

How is work?
I hate my boss, who keeps me at work late!

How is family?
Oh! so demanding that I feel like running away from home!

How about money?
It hardly makes ends meet!

How about health?
It looks like breaking down any day!

How about friends?
We hardly meet as we are now social friends!

How about your love life?
Its clingy and I am feeling choked!

How about God?
I am angry as he is the one who made me this way!

I see that you have been complaining,
Isn’t there a choice you could make?

Well that’s my fate, I resigned
Was there a choice that I could ever make?

Why do you ask me, I asked?
Wasn’t it the choice which always someone else made?

by Sree

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