#thecriticaldialogue with your favorite Mullah Naseeruddin.

One day in order to teach a lesson to his disciple Mullah Naseeruddin took him and a pitcher to a nearby well.

The Mullah drew a bucket of water and poured it into his pitcher.  Then he drew another, and poured it in.  As he was pouring in the third, the disciple could not contain himself any longer.

“Mullah, the water is draining out.  There is no bottom in that pitcher”.

Naseeruddin looked at him indignantly. “I am trying to fill the pitcher.  In order to see when it is going to be full my eyes are fixed upon the neck, not the bottom.  When I see the water rise to the neck, the pitcher will be full.

“What has the bottom got to do with it?  When I am interested in the bottom of the pitcher, then only would I look at it”.

My dear young man, you only perceive what you see and focus on.  Don’t blame the pitcher for it.

You see, you cannot learn until you are in a state in which you can perceive what you are learning, and what it means.

Hope you were able to get to the bottom of this story and learned something.

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