Life is an ‘illusion’ / ‘maya’ if you fail to choose…

When you fail to choose for yourself and also fail to acknowledge that you are making the choices – everything looks like an ‘illusion’ or ‘maya’.  In this space you do not have any control over the happenings or the outcomes.

This can lead to a lot of paradoxes in life for you, which may leave you confused, frustrated and with a belief that you have very little control on the happenings on in this universe.  It starts to feel that you are living in an illusionary world and life is all ‘maya’ which is difficult to comprehend.

However, you can free yourself from this state by taking a first step – Acknowledging that you are the one who is making the choices in your life and the outcom


es are purely the result of your choice.  When you own up, you start to move away from the uncontrollable world of ‘illusions’ and ‘maya’ and feel in a better space.

For example in the accompanying picture – What do you see? an old lady or a pretty woman?  isn’t it your choice? isn’t it
the way you are looking at the pic? or is it not real at all?  do you acknowledge that the painting exists? Same is with life…

Are you ready to make the choice?  Are you ready to accept that you are making the choices?


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