In this episode of “The Critical Dialogue” – Life at Work, I invite you to explore with me the critical do’s and don’ts of Feedback Giving and Receiving and how it can help you improve the quality of your interpersonal relationships.
In today’s show we talk about the ways to receive feedback and How to make it safe for the giver of feedback?
In this show I talk about the factors which influence our feedback behavior. What makes it difficult for us to give feedback and how you can overcome the fear of giving feedback. I will also talk about the 4 Steps of Feedback Giving which will work for you 100%. Both at home and at work.
In this episode I talk about how important is “Getting Feedback” for your leadership growth and development. Great leaders often spend time to understand how others see them!
Every once in a while feedback comes as a big surprise, but most of the time, people are aware of their weaknesses, often carrying them for years. In today’s show I am going to talk about why people resist change after receiving feedback? And a few steps which can help you on your way to get the maximum benefit from the feedback you receive.
Most of us receive feedback on a daily basis. In fact there is so much that it becomes difficult at times to separate the chaff from the grain. We grapple with the problems of not just finding out what we need to work on but how to change as well. In today’s episode I talk about ‘What’ should you change and ‘How’ you should go about change after you receive feedback.

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