Cashing in on the ‘fear’ as well as ‘hope’ ? The fatality of Astrology.

I was attempting to count the number of television channels and programs which have slots for astrological predictions daily.  Phew! I simply lost count.  It only shows that it is very easy to cash in on the peoples ‘fear’ of facing the present challenges and the ‘hope’ of a bright future.

Come to think of it as a great business to be in as ‘fear’ and ‘hope’ are as old as mankind on planet earth.

So let me predict for you, how your day will be.

“While overall the day looks good, you will face some challenges dealing with someone with whom you come in contact.  This could be simply because of a past baggage you might be carrying.  However, you ability to weather this storm will keep you in good stead and build a great platform for a wonderful work life in the future.  Those working professionals may have to tread with caution today and avoid any confrontation.  Remain calm and listen to signals which come to you from people around.  Lessons learnt today will be helpful and are just stepping stones for future success.  Do remember to keep note of all what you learnt today.”

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morrow if my predictions were true…

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