Acceptance – a way to build great relationships

‘Acceptance’ is one behavior which can go a long way in not only building great relationships, it can provide you ‘self’  with immense satisfaction and happiness.

acceptance-road-sign biggest stressor for people in their life is their inability to accept themselves for who they are and to accept others for who they are.  This leads to tremendous conflict within self.

Whenever you are stressed out or angry in a relationship, just pause for a moment and think if your inability to ‘accept’ is coming in the way.  You will find your answers.

Let me provide you with some behaviors which can help you lead a more stress free life;

  • Accepting that people are different and unique
  • Accepting that people do not necessarily see the world the way you see
  • Accepting the fact that you cannot expect others to be the way you are
  • Accepting the power and right of others to make their choices
  • Accepting the right of others to disagree with you

you can add more of your own….

By now I hope you are willing to ‘accept’ what I am trying to say?

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