Path to ‘Happiness’

It takes a few hard knocks before you learn some important lessons in life.  One I learnt from my Doc, when I was reportedly down with high stress and blood pressure, carrying all kinds of aches and pains, not getting a good night sleep.  Must confess, was lucky to have scraped through all that

What was the important piece of advice which came from my Doc?  He said, “The day you stop expecting others to be like you, all your stress will be gone and you will be more happier and contented”.  He left me with this advice and asked me to take off from work for a week.

The advice kept coming back to my mind as I relaxed at home,pathtohappiness bringing back all memories of my stressful moments in life and making me realize that each time I was stressed, I was really-really expecting others to be, do, behave or act as I would do.  When they did on the contrary, I used to get agitated, angry, wild and deeply distressed.  Constantly complaining to myself about why people can’t see reason, why they can’t act sensibly and so on…..

That is when I saw the true meaning of what my Doctor friend had told me.  I decided then to keep this as my magic mantra for a stress free life.

There has been no more aches, pains, and sleepless nights thereafter.