team climate assessment

The Critical Dialogue that helps bring out the best in your people and teams – they are your assets

team climate assessment

Team Climate Survey

Gives you important insights and feedback from the people who matter – your team members.
Our Team climate Survey helps you to understand the entire business teams’ perspective on the four key dimensions of high-performance teams, namely, Communication, Trust, Accountability, and Results focus.
The premise for this survey is to get an on-the-ground assessment of what your people feel about the climate, which exists in their team. Being online and anonymous gives your people the opportunity to provide candid feedback on their team.


  • Helps the Manager understand team’s current state on four dimensions of high performance
  • Helps in identifying dimensions and elements in which the team is strong or weak
  • Helps managers understand the culture which exists in the team and its impact on other parts of the business
  • Helps create concrete action plans and interventions to bring visible change in the team which they lead

The assessment is administered again after the duration of 4 – 6 months to measure the progress made with respect to your team transformation journey.