Sales Ability Profile

Sales Ability Profile

Reflections Big Five Sales Ability Profile (RB5SAP)
This personality report is your tool for self-reflection. The basic purpose for self-reflection using this report is to analyze, assimilate, acknowledge and apply solutions.

This assessment provides you with an opportunity to explore how your ‘Personality’ impacts your sales ability and orientation.  It provides you with not just a personality report based on the FFM but also provides you with an indication of how your personality impacts the competencies required and that are essential for your SUCCESS as a SALES PROFESSIONAL.

With an enhanced self-awareness, you are able to capitalize on your strengths and develop those competencies that could enable a high level of performance with the least amount of stress.

RB5P provides you with scores and interpretations on your 5 distinct character traits and 30 facets of your personality; strengths, weakness, and comprehensive coping mechanisms for personal development.

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