leadership development

Inside-out approach

We believe that while leadership quality can be innate but surely can be nurtured and developed by building up confidence, experience, and practice.

Most leadership development programs fail, as too much attention is given to set formulas and curricula; providing templates to leaders which have been standardized and widely claimed to be successful in a variety of environments.

Today’s leaders need to be intuitive, dynamic, collaborative, and grounded in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). They need to know ‘how to be’ than just learning ‘how to do’.

Leaders need to work on the quality of their inner game, or their capacity to tune into and regulate their emotional and mental states before they can hope to develop their outer game, or what it is they need to actually do.

Our leadership development programs guide your leaders to tap into their inner world as a powerful instrument for cultivating the vital skills of purpose, self-awareness, empathy, and acute attentional discipline.

We help you align your leaderships ‘inner-state’ with the ‘outer-world’

leadership 360 feedback

Leadership 360

This assessment administered online helps each of your Managers to understand their team member’s perspective of their leadership, on the four key dimensions of high-performance leadership, namely, Communication, Trust, Accountability, and Results. (This will be administered to all members who report or work with the manager.

Each Manager then will be provided with a comprehensive Leadership 360 report, which will be used to facilitate discussions and learning on various leadership styles and methods which could be used to enhance effectiveness.


  • Helps Leaders and team understand its current state on four dimensions of high performance
  • Helps the Leaders/managers identify dimensions and elements in which they are strong or weak
  • Helps managers understand their interpersonal styles and its impact on team members and other parts of the business
  • Facilitates concrete action plans to bring visible change in the leadership
  • Facilitates the use of leadership styles to drive results in the team
  • Choose from a list of over 30 globally recognized leadership competencies

These scores when read with our Team climate assessment will help the managers in understanding their individual strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in enabling a high-performance team culture.