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How To Avoid The ‘Halo Effect’ In Meetings?

“The halo effect in groups is evident in the standard practice observed in meetings which gives too much weight to the opinions of those who speak early and assertively, causing the others to line up behind them” says Daniel Kahneman. I couldn’t agree more. I often find during meetings the discussions often veer towards the…

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Feedback, Story-telling and ways to build a Collaborative Living Environment

Why not create a ‘collaborative living environment’ than just a learning environment? How can you use ‘Feedback’ as a ‘story-telling’ tool to build relationships and a Collaborative Living Environment…? Did you know that you can use ‘feedback’ as a tool for motivation and creating a collaborative living environment? The use of feedback in most organizations…

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Why are people ‘stingy’ in their praise?

Why are people ‘stingy’ in their praise? It’s often very easy for people to be ‘critical’ of others.  At the same time I find that people are very ‘stingy’ in their praise’. What makes them this way?  Is it that they do not find themselves worthy of such praise?; or Is it that they feel…

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