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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Critical Dialogue PAGETM for Teachers?

The critical dialogue for teachers facilitates principals and school leaders to integrate peer advisory and observation within existing structures of their school’s strategic plans. It enables a great alignment between personal and collective improvement.

What are the benefits of participating in a Teachers PAGETM?

This PAGETM facilitates peer observation that can benefit the members in the following ways:
• provide opportunities to discuss challenges and successes with trusted colleagues
• support the sharing of ideas and expertise among teachers
• build a community of trust through opening classroom practice to a wider audience
• support a focus on improving the impact of learning on students
• contribute to the collective efficacy of the school they come from

What will be a typical agenda for a Teachers PAGETM meeting?
  1. Once a month a group of 8-10 teachers, principals or school leaders gather either in a comfortable physical location or online, giving a sense of sabbatical with time to recharge, reflect, and sharpen ones focus.
  2. The peer advisory group begins with – Setting the stage for the day with a focus topic or issue
  3. Facilitated discussions for discovering the latest in teaching methods and thinking – Interactive discussion on best in teaching and guidance principles (may also include a guest speakers who are noted experts on the subject)
  4. Delving into one member’s issue – this is at the core of the time together as we take a key issue one of the members are facing and building a framework for a path to resolution
  5. Discernment for one another – each member sharing an issue to be taken up for offline and group meeting
  6. Buddying to encourage and support each other in the implementation of solutions discussed in meeting
What is a Teachers PAGETM member?

A Leadership PAGE member is typically a Principal, Teacher, or School leader who has formally joined and is now taking advantage of some of our facilitation services and peer learning methods and resources.

Is the Teachers PAGETM right for me?

Answer these questions

  1. Are you a Principal, Teacher, a School leader or an Administrator?
  2. Do you sometimes feel lonely in your role and wished that you could well use someone as a sounding board?
  3. Do you have a confidential place to share your teaching, students, personal and wellness challenges and successes with other like-minded school leaders?
  4. Would a regular exchange of best in teaching and guiding practices bring incremental value to your work?
  5. Do you have a peer advisory group (or like-minded leaders) committed to journey with you for the long run as you teach and guide students, lead your school and serve your community at large?
  6. Do you look for effective strategies to handle tough issues with students, parents, peers at school, administrators?
  7. Would you rather learn effective counseling methods from your peers to help students who face or are coping with academic and mental wellness challenges?

If the answer is yes to many of these questions, you are likely a good fit.

What are the various offerings of the Teachers PAGETM?

The Teachers PAGETM offers a variety of options for school leaders to gather on a regular basis with some of their peers. We organize these monthly peer advisory groups based on the profile and needs of the senior school leaders, teachers, principals, and administrators, who register to be members of the PAGETM. We will undertake a free assessment with prospective members to determine the best option to fit your needs.

What are the advantages of joining the Teachers PAGETM?
  1. Wise counsel – The members draw on the wisdom, giftedness and experience of their peers in the group. When you are faced with a problem or question while leading, teaching, cousneling or guiding, experienced leaders in your peer advisory group can recount how they may have reacted to a similar problem and how they applied best of principles and practices to help resolve the situation.
  2. Mutual support – Receiving and giving understanding, empathy, and encouragement when facing both difficulties and opportunities. 
  3. Accountability – Since the leaders seek help from each other sharing best practices, and buddy up to follow through on implementation leading to success, it has accountability naturally built in.
  4. Confidentiality – You need people with whom you can discuss sensitive issues from your personal life and your school life. Gaining the confidence in one another that comes with honesty and transparency in a confidential environment.
Why would you want to be part of a Teachers PAGETM?
  • Do you feel alone sometimes as you make important decisions by not having a close confidante to support you?
  • Do you desire to get connected to other school or teacher leaders you could count on for reliable counsel while making life influencing, enhancing or impacting decisions?
  • Do you recognize the value of making yourself vulnerable to the accountability of others as you act upon your long term goals?
  • Do you do an effective job of sharing your thoughts and ideas within the sphere of influence you operate within?
  • Do you regularly focus and work on the daily needs and challenges of your work and your role as a teacher or school leader?
  • Do you see the value of having a confidential place to turn for open dialogue around challenges you face as a school or teacher leader?
What is a Peer Advisory Group?
  • It’s a unique environment where 8-10 Principals, Teachers, School leaders or Administrators meet monthly to grow and enhance the quality of education and counsel they provide to students, without neglecting their primary responsibilities towards their family and more importantly personal growth.
  • It’s led by a seasoned facilitator who has vast experience in facilitating productive meetings.
  • The long term objective is to help the leaders grow into being transformational leaders
  • It creates an environment of confidentiality, trust, friendship, mutual support and long term accountability….like having your own personal board of advisors.

Yes, I am interested.

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