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A self-care that we all need!

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  • Without bias
  • Without judgment
  • Without agendas
  • With compassion and,
  • With complete confidentiality

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People are not always looking for someone to solve their problems.  They want someone to lend them an ear, listen to them with empathy without an intrusive act of judgment or advice”.

It truly is a blessing, when you have someone who could just listen to you without bias, judgment, intrusion, and with complete compassion and confidentiality.

Most basic human need

The need to be heard is one of the most basic human needs that you find hard to fulfill. People find it stifling and frustrating when they are not being heard.  When you lead your life that way, it is but natural that you feel stressed and unhappy.
Have you ever wondered, what stops people from sharing or talking openly to others?

  • The fear of being judged
  • The fear that you may be taken advantage of, as others may have their own agendas – at work or in personal life
  • The fear that others may get tired or resent listening to your problems as they have their own to solve
  • That You don’t want the burden to be transferred onto those who lend you an ear

That is where ‘Professional Listening Buddy’ comes in
A professional listening service

With our professional listening buddy services, we provide a caring and safe space for you to express yourself and be heard.

Benefits of a professional listening buddy session

The professional listening buddy session while providing a therapeutic feel, is definitely not a replacement for therapy, in case you are planning to go to a therapist or are already in consultation with a therapist.It is also not an advisory service that is aimed at prescribing solutions to your problems.

However, listening buddy sessions can make you feel understood, acknowledged, reassured, and relieved.

Registering yourself for a professional listening buddy session can provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Get in touch with your feelings – the fact that most of your dear and loved one’s are so invested in you that the moment you start sharing your problems, they jump to offer solutions or start judging you.  This does not allow people to process their emotions fully well and go through intense inner work that helps them to deal with similar situations in the future.  They are not going to be there all the time around you after all.
  2. Discover a path for oneself – It is empowering when you get to your own conclusions and find your path, which most if not all are perfectly capable of.  You then can relieve yourself from the dependencies that come with others showing you the way all the time.  It helps you get back the power in your own hands.
  3. Let out and let go – Inability to let out and let go makes people bottle up their emotions and carry the pain far too long.  That starts to not just impact your mental health but is a major cause for stress.  A professional buddy listener helps you let out and let go of those frustrations, so that you do not carry the burden of all that garbage that would otherwise lie within.
  4. Encourages you to articulate your inner feelings – a professional listener will help you articulate what is bothering you.  When you are talking to a listening buddy professional who is more interested in how and what you feel and have to say, you are encouraged to effectively articulate what bothers you. 
  5. Opportunity and a means to develop self-reflection – the buddy listener plays just the role a ‘mirror’ does.  The session helps you get in touch with your authentic self and peel of the weight of the masks that you have to carry all day long.
  6. Helps you sort out and make choices – indecisiveness plays a big role in people’s life, what with so many options, prescriptions and advice thrown at you on top of what you already are carrying.  Social media adds to the overwhelm for most people.  A professional listener will help you sift through the myriad options and can help in sorting out the insecurities that you may have when confronted with too many choices.
  7. Increased self-awareness and a sense of purpose – A professional listener helps you get in touch with your authentic self.  Helps you reflect and become more aware of who you are and get a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.
  8. Feel reassured – that you are not going to be judged in any way provides you with a great sense of relief, assurance and a sense of connection
  9. Build selfconfidence – you will overcome the fear and awkwardness that come with sharing.  That in itself goes a long way in relieving your tentativeness, indecisiveness and adds to your self-confidence.
  10. Gain clarity – with the professional buddy listener providing you with a clean mirror to reflect, you are able to remove the fog and clutter in you mind and gain clarity and more importantly,
  11. Being heard – is a direct benefit that you get when you book a professional listening buddy session. No judgment, No resentment, No intrusion – just compassion and empathic listening in complete confidentiality

Listening buddy in organizations

You can use the services of a professional listening buddy in organizations and for working with executives in many different ways.  We could help you:

  • In your employee mental wellness initiatives
  • Clarify and try your ideas and options by helping you effectively vocalize them
  • Sort out underlying conflicts that often do not come to surface and impact productivity, teamwork and collaboration
  • Help develop your creativity
  • Remove the awkwardness and apprehensions that arise when dealing with difficult conversations at work
  • Find solutions to complicated interpersonal problems that impact communication
  • Create an open and trustful culture built on a foundation of open and honest communication
  • Make the most of feedback that goes to enhance individual and team performance
  • In Leadership development initiatives – sensitizing and teaching professional listening skills to those who impact and make a difference in your organization.
  • Get the most from your performance review and development programs – that truly help personal and professional growth, and more…

What makes each professional listening services buddy session a powerful experience?

  • No recording, No taking notes.  Each session is a clean slate.
  • Just because someone is paying for you doesn’t mean we will share what you share in complete confidence.  IT IS A STRICT NO.  PERIOD.
Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

I am just not sure if I want a Professional Listening Buddy Session?

To know more you can book a free 10-minute orientation session to ask questions and to find out if a professional listening buddy session would help you.

Is Professional Listening Service like self-care?

Yes. A professional listening buddy service is a self-care routine similar to the time and money you invest in other services like hair styling, sauna, wardrobe essentials, skincare, etc.

Why would I ever need a Professional Listening Buddy when I have my family and friends for support?

You are right, family and friends are often the ones to lend an ear to you and provide you support. But there may be times when you want a neutral party, someone without bias, to listen without interfering. That’s where the professional listening buddy comes in.

Is a Professional Listening Buddy a substitute for a therapy or therapist?

NO.  A professional listening buddy is not and does not claim to be a substitute for a therapist or your therapy session.  Please be advised that stopping or starting your therapy if you are already in one, is a decision that your therapist and you take.  We are not in any way responsible for the consequence of your decision and its outcome.

Is there any set agenda for a Professional Listening Buddy session?

NO. There never is a set agenda that needs to be talked about. It is entirely up to you as to what you would like to talk about; big issues, little irritants, ideas, confusions, whatever is on your mind. As a professional listening buddy, there are no expectations from you.

Add to that the Professional Listening Buddy Service does not need you to divulge your whole history.

Who is a Professional Buddy Listener?

A Professional Buddy Listener is someone who listens with empathy, compassion, integrity, patience, insight, and ethical standards. They are proficient in the art and practice of empathic listening and specialize in providing a safe space for you to express yourself freely and authentically.

How does it help me?

The theory is that the act of verbalizing our thoughts out loud creates a path of awareness and reflection which may then lead to a change in perception, and ultimately, clarity. When you are heard by a Professional Listener you get a sense of relief, reassurance, and an acknowledgment of your feelings without being judged.

Can a Professional Listening Buddy service be used in an organizational context?

Listening and empathy have been some of the major challenges faced by organizations.  It goes a long way in promoting employee mental wellness, professional and personal growth.  Right from leadership teams to executives who are dealing with overwhelm, anxiety, inherent conflicts, creative blocks to those who are simply wanting to validate their ideas, gain clarity can use the service of a professional listener.  In fact, we also teach leaders and those responsible for performance review discussions the art of professional listening so that you can internalize the process in your organization.  ASK us for a quote.

Are these sessions confidential.  What about my privacy?

No notes are taken, no recordings are made. Your first name, last initial, your email address, your Consent Form, and your payment record are the only pieces of information that we retain. None of your personal information is shared or either sold by us and is treated with utmost care.

Is there a frequency that you mandate for professional listening buddy sessions?

We do not have a mandated frequency.  However, we recommend that you have no more than 2 sessions per week.  The gap between the two sessions helps in essential self-reflection.

I have an emergency, can a Professional Listening Buddy help?

Unfortunately, assisting those with emergencies like suicidal thoughts and ideas and other crisis situations is outside of our scope. We care about you. PLEASE CALL local EMERGENCY SERVICES of your host country.

How do I PAY for the sessions?

Payments are made at the time of booking with your credit/debit card or PayPal account.

How do I call or connect for my booked Professional Listening Buddy Session?

The ways to connect or reach us for your session will be included in your appointment confirmation.  Currently, we only provide these services using online meeting host services like Zoom.

Is there a cancellation or rescheduling possible?

No refunds are possible after confirmation if cancellation is requested 24hrs. before the start of the session.  Rescheduling is possible if done 24 hrs. before the session and you could request a reschedule for a date and time within a period of 60 days from the day of the scheduled session.   Missed Sessions are not eligible for a refund or rescheduling.

What if I am late?

We will wait for 15 minutes after your appointment time for you to connect. After 15 minutes, we would consider it a missed session. Missed Sessions are not eligible for a refund or rescheduling.

Please be aware that we are NOT therapists, psychologists, or medical health practitioners. We do not offer any type of diagnosis or therapy and handling crises and emergencies is outside our scope of services.


All sessions are scheduled and paid for in advance through our booking system.

First-time Orientation Session: FREE for 10 minutes

Limited Period Offer $49 for 60 minutes

Regular Session rate: $75 for 60 minutes

Half Session rate: $40 for 30 minutes

Ready to schedule an appointment? Send us a request by filling out the form below.

Terms and Conditions – to be read before booking an appointment

1. By booking an appointment for a Professional Listening Buddy Session, you certify that you agree to these Terms & Conditions

2. The Critical Dialogue Professional Listening Buddy Services provides compassionate Listening Sessions by phone or online meetings. Be sure to select your time zone when making an appointment. You will be issued the calling/session details with your appointment confirmation. This number is for calling in for your booked appointment ONLY and is not to be shared. To contact The Critical Dialogue Professional Listening Buddy Services in between appointments, please go to our Contact Us page on our website.

3. There is a free 10-minute orientation session for first-time contacts, in order to ask questions and learn more about what it is like. A Consent Form must be completed and submitted at the time of booking the orientation session. A preview of the consent Form is given at the end of this section.

4. All Listening Sessions are confidential. Nothing is recorded, and no notes are taken. For your privacy, only minimal information is retained about you by our Professional Listening Buddy Services: first name, last initial, email address, Consent Form, and a record of payments.

5. All Professional Listening Buddy Services Sessions are to be booked and paid for in advance. Payments are accepted through the booking system with your credit/debit card or PayPal account. If you elect to pay by credit/debit card: we do not have access to your card information, but your card’s verification requirements may mandate to include adding your first and last name and requisite validation of the card issuer. For increased privacy, you may choose to use your PayPal account. Sessions are non-transferable.

6. Once you have completed a booking, you will be sent a confirmation of your Professional Listening Buddy Session date and time to the email address you submitted. A reminder email is also sent as a courtesy. If you need to reschedule an appointment, you may do so by sending us a mail.

7. Cancellations with at least 48 hours notice will get a refund. Cancellations with less than 48 hours but more than 24 hours notice may be rescheduled to occur within a 60 day period but will not be refunded. Cancelled sessions that are not rescheduled to occur within 60 days will be forfeited. Appointments cancelled with less than 12 hours notice are forfeited and are not eligible for refund or rescheduling. Excessive cancelled sessions would be considered an abuse of our booking process.

8. Any sessions that do not begin within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time will be considered a missed or forfeited session and will not be refunded. Excessive missed sessions would be considered an abuse of our booking process.

9. To protect your privacy, Professional Listening Buddy Service does not communicate to clients about their Listening Sessions through any social media platform. Any communication through social media can only be of a very general nature. Questions you have about Listening Sessions can be sent to us using the Contact Us option on our webpage.

10. Should an emergency ever require a Professional Buddy Listener to have to cancel a Listening Session themselves, you will be notified at the email address you provided.

11. If the answers to the statements in your Consent Form change at any time, you will need to Contact Us before booking or engaging in another Listening Buddy Service appointment.

12. The Critical Dialogue Professional Listening Buddy Service Terms & Policies and rates are subject to change. The Critical Dialogue, or its associates or partners and Professional Listening Buddies are not responsible for errors that might appear in the information on the website.

Consent form preview

A preview of the consent form that you have to sign is given below. The same will be sent to you after you book your first session and make the complete payment.

First Name*

Last Initial*

Email Address*

I certify that I am over the age of 18 years. Yes/No*

I understand that The Critical Dialogue Professional Listening Services and buddies are NOT therapists, psychologists, or life coaches, do not offer any type of diagnosis or therapy, and are not able to handle crisis situations. Yes/No*

I understand that Listening Sessions are not intended as a substitute for necessary medical or psychological care. Yes/No*

I understand that The Critical Dialogue Listening Buddy Service is not responsible for issues occurring outside of the Listening Session. Yes/No*

I certify that I am not a harm to myself or others and that I am not in a crisis situation. Yes/No*

I understand that if I am talking about suicidal thoughts or suicidal ideation, the Professional Listening Buddy services and The Critical Dialogue may refuse my booking or may redirect/ refer me to more appropriate resources. Yes/No*

I understand that I will receive the Professional Listening Buddy Services call-in phone number or meeting invitations by email after booking the free Orientation Session. Yes/No*

I certify that I will use the call-in number provided at the time of my booked sessions ONLY and that I will not share this number with others. Yes/No*

I understand that the free Orientation Session for First Time clients requires a Consent Form. I understand that I may book a paid Listening Session after I have submitted the Consent Form and participated in the Orientation Session. Yes/No*

I understand that if I need to contact Professional Listening Buddy Service in between sessions I can email Yes/No*

I understand that for my privacy when calling in, I am invited to disable the Caller ID on my phone or to use a similar service that disguises my number. Yes/No*

I have read and agreed to the Professional Listening Buddy Service Terms & Conditions Yes/No*

I certify that if any of my answers to the above change at any time that I will contact before booking or engaging in another Professional Listening Buddy Service appointment. Yes/No*

“Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone”
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