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Powerful Learning Strategies that help your Leadership, Teams, and Organization

The ability to work in teams effectively is essential to the success of any business organization.  More so, when it happens amongst people who form the core of an organization and who are the key drivers of the business – your business leaders.

We have been pioneering group think and facilitation for the last 27 years. We have shared our extensive experience with many organizations through our innovative methods and programs.

T.E.A.M Art™

Deep down, there is an artist in everyone, a child who loves to play with colors, paint, have fun, and have an urge to rediscover the long-lost colors of childhood. Here’s your chance to make everyone on your team a Picasso. Best of all, your budding artists don’t need to worry about nagging details like art lessons, material, or even artistic ability. We’ll have them all play and have fun on canvas or rather paint a true ‘Masterpiece of Art’. This creative team-building program for organization leaders and teams is designed to make people believe in themselves and their abilities.  It provides a powerful start to any visioning, goal-setting exercise that leaders engage in.

Leadership Program TeamArt

Benefits for the Organization

Truly effective teams unlock the power of the individuals and work collaboratively to reach their desired goals. As team working skills improve within the organization, people become more creative and productive, can break down silos, brainstorm better, enhance their group problem-solving abilities, think Win:Win, and consistently deliver high performance.

From a big-picture view (Vision) to Goals and Objectives (Results);  Roles and responsibilities (Accountability), Understanding interdependencies, and building collaborative relationships (Trust) to creating a (Stimulating Communication) climate, the TeamArt™ activity provides you great opportunities for a dialogue on ways to build a truly “High-Performance Team” and Organization.

Creating a lasting impression

The way we do it – The process requires each member of the team to draw a part of the master artwork. Members are provided with paintbrushes, paints, trays, and canvas pieces to make them truly get into the mood and feel like modern Picassos at work.  Members are required to find out and coordinate with others responsible for painting the adjacent pieces such that it connects well in the end.  Communication, Collaboration, and Trust are some of the most important outcomes of this activity.

A High Energy Closure – Members feel a great sense of achievement when finally, all pieces are put together to form a giant 6 X 5 feet of Painting Masterpiece on Canvas, which they can then frame and carry to back to their workplace. You could also get this printed on Coffee Mugs and gift it to the team, for a lifetime of remembrance.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is a member, leads, or manages groups or teams can benefit from this ‘Team Building’  program, participants may include Business leaders, Change agents, Team managers, Team Members, and Facilitators.

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