Stress Management

How stressed someone feels depends on how much damage they think the situation can do to them, and how closely their resources meet the demands of the situation. In today’s episode on the Stress, I talk about 3 types of stress response as your first step in understanding stress and its management.

If you are a person who tends to get stressed frequently, like many in today’s VUCA ( volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, your body may exist in a heightened state of stress most of the time. This can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. In today’s episode on stress I am talking about ‘what triggers stress, types of stress and its effect on your health.
Your personality plays an important role in almost every aspect of stress and the cooing process. It has been linked to the likelihood of engaging in certain coping mechanism and the effectiveness or outcomes of these coping strategies. In todays episode i am going to talk about how your personality influences your ability to cope with stress. I am going to use the Big Five Personality traits as a base to explore stress and coping.
Regardless of the degree of suffering you go through because of stress, it is worth taking s measured approach to stress management rather than reaching out to the first available and most obvious solution. Coping with stress requires a multi-pronged approach and may differ for each individuals. In todays episode I talk about the Action Oriented Approach towards coping with Stress.
Anger, Blaming, Denial, Excessive worry, long recuperation period, Reticence, Excessive problem focus and Social withdrawal can be your typical emotional response towards stressor in life. In today’s episode I talk about the emotion oriented approach in coping with stress.

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